Learning Moments vs. Portfolio Moments: How do they differ?

Learning and Portfolio moments tie to a teacher's lesson plan, but they are used differently

While the Learning Moment and Portfolio Moments both tie to a teacher's lesson plan, they do have a few key differences!

Learning Moment

This moment is visible to parents. Once a Learning Moment is posted, parents can see any notes, photos, or videos a teacher may have shared. The Learning Moment can be a great way to share quick updates, pass along adorable photos, or showcase a child enjoying a particular activity.

Portfolio Moment

This moment is private. It is only visible to Teachers and Administrators, but not to parents. You may use the Portfolio Moment to log observations or track milestone progression. Any observations logged on a portfolio moment are added to a child's portfolio. These portfolios can be generated by your center's staff and then can be shared with parents when you are ready to share a progress update. Oftentimes, a child's portfolio is generated for quarterly updates or to showcase a child's growth during a parent-teacher conference.

Learn how to post a Portfolio Moment

1. Under moment type, select portfolio from the drop down menu.

2. Tag the individual(s) or group you are ready to log an observation for.

3. Choose the activity this moment connects to the moment you are logging. These activities tie directly to your lesson plan. If you do not see any activities here, please ensure you are checked into the classroom you are currently in.

4. You may now tap "Add Observation" to record a child's progress towards achieving a milestone. You may measure accomplishment on a four point scale from "Not Introduced" to "Exceeds". These milestones are also directly tied to your lesson plan. To add additional milestones, you may need to update your Lesson Plan, which we will cover shortly (or you can click here to jump ahead)

5. All Portfolio Moments are posted to the child's Portfolio. Next, let's learn how to generate a portfolio for a child.

How to view a child’s portfolio:

1. Go to the child’s profile on app.momentpath.com

2. From the "Actions" dropdown menu, and click “View Portfolio”

3. Next, you can generate the portfolio by choosing the appropriate dates. Once you choose the dates, tap “Generate”

 4. You may choose to show parents this information when you are ready. This page can also be printed by right clicking and selecting "Print Page"


Remember, The key difference between the Learning Moment and Portfolio Moment is that Learning Moments are visible to parents while Portfolio Moments are internal logs to track observations!

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Learning Moments vs. Portfolio Moments: How do they differ?

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